Removing Tan

Every regular spray tanner and some newbies have experienced the feared brown palm syndrome where we fall asleep with the palm of our hand somewhere in direct contact with our new tan. So what do you do now? The best remedy for this is to put about an inch of hot water, 1 lemon, and grab some backing soda. Scrub with a paste of the 1/2 lemon and add baking soda until there is a thick paste consistency use this on the affected brown areas as a scrub. Then soak in the hot water for 5 min. this will expedite the removal of the DHA a.k.a. tan product from the palm.

Ready for a new tan, but still have some old tan all over? Take a hot bath and scrub with our glo off mitt. If using a scrub make sure it doesn't contain too many oils or you shower after with an organic cleanser to remove the excess oils from your bath.