Express or Regular: Which rinse time should I choose?

Whether you are planning to get a spray tan for your wedding, photoshoot, date night, vacation, fitness event, or just to feel fabulous, Golden glo® has you covered. We offer two different rinse time options in order to provide our jet-setters the perfect glo with the ultimate convenience, Regular and Express.


Express tans are formulated to simply develop faster, hence the name, Express! The solution works by decreasing the contact time DHA requires for it to activate and begin to darken your skin into a tan. Rather than having to wait 10 or more hours, clients are instead able to rinse off in as little as 1 hour for the same natural-looking, glo-ing results.

As opposed to our Regular Rinse, which is mixed in advance based on your desired tan shade, express tans do not come in “percentage strengths”; instead, our Sunset Beach Express Rinse tans have time requirements that dictate how long a client must wait before rinsing the solution off.

Express tans provide the same lasting tan as expected from a traditional tan, but because your skin still requires the full 8-12 hours to fully darken once the solution is completely developed, when you first rinse (COLD TO LUKEWARM WATER RINSE ONLY) it will appear that you are not tan any longer because the bronzers will wash down the drain, but don’t worry: the color will be back once it’s fully developed!

PRO TIP: We recommend waiting to take your second regular shower until a full 24 hours after your first rinse. This will allow the solution to fully develop. Also, avoid loofahs, lotions, oils, and any products that are not organic, especially DOVE!

Our Golden gloglo® Sunset Beach Express solution will give you the same color as our Regular solution (up to Double Dark), so if you always get the Regular with us and want to try the Express (rapid rinse), know that it will turn out the same and last the same amount of time as the regular. *See our Shade Guide for results.*